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March 2006: The site, which was restarted this week after a three-year hiatus, does not hesitate to claim credit for accurately predicting that the bubble would pop. It even got the timing right.
Business Week
March 2006: Run, don't walk, to iTulip. In case you missed it the first time around, iTulip predicted and then chronicled the dot-com bust with acumen and wit. Now it's back, skewering hedge funds and other current excesses.
Boston Globe
August 2002: Janszen seems nonchalant about the economic carnage, as if he could have told you it was coming.  Actually, he did.

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" acerbic, informative Web site that never misses a chance to skewer ...  modern America's answer to tulip mania: the technology-stock craze."

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"...a cautionary tale of financial mania."
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CNBC logo  March 1999: "...the place to go for a contrary view of the markets."  - Bill Griffeth

Bill Griffeth

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